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What are your rights of entry in Missouri?

Like every rental property owner in St. Charles, you want to be viewed as a good landlord. That includes being respectful of your tenants' rights. At the same time, your tenants are occupying properties that you own (and ultimately, you have to manage and repair once they are gone). Thus, your desire to be able to enter your rental units to perform routine inspections is understandable. There are also may be times when you need immediate access to a certain area of a unit (such as a shared utility area), or where you suspect tenants may be engaged in illegal activity. The question then becomes with rights of entry do you have to occupied rental units? 

Withholding rent from a landlord

Most in Saint Charles may assume that in a typical landlord-tenant relationship, the landlord has the most power. The perceived resource discrepancy that many presume exists between both sides might contribute to this line of thinking. There may be a degree of truth in this notion; date shared by The New York Times shows that 90 percent of landlords have access to legal resources, while an equal precentage of rentersd do not. There are instances, however, where a tenant can sieze a degree of power in his or her relationship with a landlord. 

How can I find my dream tenants?

If you are a landlord in Missouri, one of your biggest and ongoing headaches is finding good tenants. The kind that pays rent on time, who keep the premises clean and notify you right away if there are any plumbing or HVAC problems. One of the best tools you can use to find these kinds of “dream” tenants is tenant screening. One of the most valuable pieces of a screening and one that should not be neglected is a credit check.

The benefits of an HOA

Although Homeowners Association guidelines may seem overwhelming up front, their end goal is to protect and preserve communities for years to come. Many Missouri homeowners express confusion over the details of an HOA membership altogether. While the fees and fine print may vary, the pros of living in a neighborhood with an HOA can outweigh the cons. 

Grappling with a bad tenant

Most Missouri residents have heard at least one horror story relating to a dispute between a landlord and tenant. While there can be problems from both ends, few hear about the realities behind the scenes of renting out a property. Realizing that a tenant is not the right fit -- or, worse, has caused damage -- can be a frustrating discovery. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies one can turn to in these trying predicaments.

The pros and cons of becoming a landlord

Owning property is a perk in itself, but renting that property to tenants is an entirely different process. There are many pros and cons to becoming a first-time landlord; even those who have rented for decades can stumble upon tenant surprises. Missouri residents who are considering renting out a property may want to pause on some of the advantages and disadvantages of the role of a landlord. New landlords might wonder, how does the process tend to work, and what do the experts do in tricky situations? 

State and gun club at odds over use of land

One of the primary reasons landlords in St. Charles give for evicting tenants is because those tenants allowed the conditions of their properties to deteriorate. While avoiding causing damage to a property is typically a primary responsibility of a tenant, the landlord also bears some of the burden maintaining its current state. In fact, as a counter to claims that they let their rented or leased properties fall into disrepair, many renters will claim that their landlords allowed (or even contributed to) conditions becoming poor in order to justify an eviction. In such cases, only a review of the actions of both sides may determine whose claim is valid. 

When must I return a tenant’s security deposit?

Landlord-tenant laws in Missouri may not be that complicated, but they are particular about how you, as a landlord, do things. One of the keys to avoiding disputes is clear communication between both parties, according to the state Attorney General’s Office. Here is a quick refresher on some important points covered by these laws.

Common problems landlords face

There are many joys that can come with renting out a home. Whether it is long-term or only for the summer, landlords generally find success and, not to mention, a little extra income each month. While the financial benefits are one aspect of this process, the tenants themselves can be an entirely different matter. What are some of the common issues Missouri landlords face when renting a property?

Becoming a residential landlord

If you have been giving thought to purchasing a residential rental property in Missouri, you might at times feel overwhelmed at all you would need to know. The benefits of being a landlord include the financial gain you may experience and some flexibility in your schedule, especially if this could become your primary source of income. Some of your concerns, however, may weigh on you such as what you would need to do if a tenant failed to pay their rent.

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