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February 2020 Archives

Why might your HOA need legal counsel?

Running a homeowners association is not for the faint of heart. The purpose of these associations is good, but not everyone agrees with them or the rules they impose. HOA boards in Missouri often find themselves dealing with issues that require legal assistance. Here are a few reasons why your HOA might need legal counsel.

Is DIY estate planning a good idea?

Numerous Missouri residents like to do things for themselves rather than consult certain professionals. Being a DIYer is okay for some things, but for others, it is not the best idea. Take estate planning, for instance. Putting together an estate plan may seem like a simple enough task, but really, there is a lot involved. If you fail to do it correctly, it could cause a lot of problems down the line.

When a resident is encroaching on HOA common ground

Most communities in Missouri that are managed by homeowners associations have some areas of common ground. This is ground technically owned by the HOA and is for the enjoyment of all community members. Unfortunately, sometimes HOAs have to deal with residents encroaching on common ground. What can HOA boards do when this happens?

On what grounds can a landlord sue a tenant?

Landlords have a busy schedule when they own multiple rental properties and have tenants to attend to. Because of the limited free time landlords possess, one of the last things they want to do is take a tenant to court. However, when you have an uncooperative renter, legal action may be the only option to recover any money they owe you.

5 tips to avoid damage disputes as a landlord

Being the owner of a rental property isn’t always easy. You may screen potential renters well, making sure their background check shows no signs of criminal activity. You may even conduct credit checks on potential renters, so you know they are responsible in handling their bills. Still, when it comes time for your renters to move, you may find property damage you weren’t expecting.

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