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April 2019 Archives

Grounds for evicting a tenant in Missouri

Missouri eviction laws heavily favor tenants, as most states' eviction laws do these days. For this reason, it is imperative that a landlord understands both is or her rights and obligations to the tenant. If a landlord acts without first pursuing state statutes or consulting with an attorney, he or she runs the risk of violating a tenant's rights and therefore, forfeiting rights to his or her property.

When your spouse objects to creating an estate plan

Setting up an estate plan can be tricky for different reasons, whether you have difficulty naming beneficiaries or even deciding which type of estate plan you should go with. In some instances, people may even have uncertainty about the very idea of creating an estate plan, or their spouse may disagree with this decision. It is important to approach the estate planning process carefully, and you should discuss relevant matters with your spouse if they will be included in your estate plan.

What is a charitable trust?

If giving back to your Missouri community, such as your church, library, favorite charity, etc., makes up a large part of your life, you may want to establish a charitable trust so you can donate to this organization in a more structured way. The same may hold true for your alma mater or other worthwhile organization.

Late singer's heirs seek to administer his estate

In certain estate cases, administration may go far beyond simply detailing who gets what asset immediately after a testator's death. For those estates in Saint Charles that count artistic or intellectual properties amongst their assets, their management may extend for decades. This is something that one should consider when selecting an executor or personal representative. The role could potentially outlive the one it is assigned to, in which case a testator would want to detail the process for which a new executor would be selected. 

Types of special needs trusts

Missouri residents who have a child with some type of disability that will require special care for the life of that child will want to pay close attention to their options when making an estate plan. As explained by Kiplinger, a special needs trust is one of the vehicles that may provide good options for families in this situation. 

What is an unlawful detainer?

As a Missouri landlord, you may occasionally encounter tenants who disobey the rules and do not live up to their obligations. If the violation is serious enough, you have the right to begin the process of eviction. The process starts with a written notice that informs your tenant of the default and gives him or her a reasonable amount of time in which to fix it. Unlawful detainer refers to the act of remaining in possession of the property without fixing the default within the time allotted. In this situation, you may seek assistance from the court to remove your tenant and retake possession of your property. 

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