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January 2019 Archives

New law and bill focus on tenants, not landlords

Anyone who owns and rents residential properties in Louisiana will want to keep a close eye on any new or proposed laws that may impact their business. It is reasonable for a landlord to find ways to protect themselves financially and to ensure the proper care and condition of their properties. This is true whether they own multi-occupancy units, multiple single-family residences or just one single-family residence. 

Planning to avoid estate taxes

The primary motivation for many in Saint Charles to engage in estate planning is to ensure that all of the assets that they have worked so hard to accumulate throughout their lifetimes are able to benefit their chosen beneficiaries. However, there may be a concern amongst many that after having expended such effort, much of their estate will end up having to be paid in taxes (living little to pass on to heirs). Estate taxes are one of the most misunderstood aspects of the estate planning process, and thus much misinformation exists about this potential liability. Most will be pleased to learn, however, that with a little advanced planning, one might avoid having their estate taxed at all. 

What are advance directives?

An advance directive is a legal document that helps you convey your wishes for the type of medical treatment you want in the event you become unable to convey those wishes to your doctors. An advance directive is typically made up of two parts that complement each other to help ensure you receive the treatment you want, regardless of the circumstances.

Starting an HOA

Much of your home's value is tied to the condition of your neighborhood. Maintaining a high standard requires constant communication with those that live around. Such communication can be facilitated by establishing a homeowners' association. Yet many come to members of our team here at Stephen A. Martin Attorney at Law Believing that such organizations can only be started by developers or community planners. In reality, any group of neighbors can start their own HOA if they follow the right steps. 

Retirement home accused of violating landlord-tenant law

Most in Saint Charles would likely limit the extent of the landlord-tenant relationship to either businesses leasing commercial space or individuals paying for single-unit rental properties. Yet there are a number of other special business relationships that deal with residency that might also fall into this category. An unfamiliarity with these unique situations may be the reason why local property owners are so surprised to learn that legal issues that they are faced fall under landlord-tenant law. Thus, one should seek to clearly define the relationship that exists between them and their residential clients in order to be better prepared to respond to potential accusations of wrongdoing. 

What types of wills does Missouri consider valid?

Like most in Saint Charles, you likely envision the estate planning process to be quite formal. After all, matters dealing with the dispersal of your assets ought not to be taken lightly, and should be given the attention and care they deserve. Yet this does not necessarily mean that the creation of a will has to be a complex process. There are actually several different types of wills, each varying in the format that they are delivered. The question then becomes which does Missouri state law consider to be valid? 

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