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September 2018 Archives

Is there a right way to complain to your HOA?

When you live in a shared community, there are many valuable benefits that you get to enjoy including things like access to public amenities and assistance with maintaining the grounds around your residence. Often, these areas are governed by a homeowner's association, otherwise known as an HOA. When you are unhappy about something that requires you to communicate your concern to your HOA in Missouri, going about it the right way can help to reduce conflict and expedite the process of finding a viable solution. 

Working with authorities to evict a tenant

While the relationship between a landlord and a tenant is technically a professional one, it differs from other such relationships in that it involves personal matters. For this reason, tensions between these parties can easily escalate to the point where the potential for violence exists. This often prompts landlords to involve law enforcement to help guarantee their safety when trying to evict. They must, however, receive a judgment from a court authorizing them to commence eviction proceedings before petitioning for police assistance. 

Probating small estates in Missouri

Estate planning in Saint Charles encompasses not only the actions required to manage your own affairs, but also those related to any estate you may be party to. If, for example, a loved one approaches you asking to be his or her personal representative, it behooves you to know all that you can about the role prior to having to assume it. Our team here at Stephen A. Martin Attorney at Law encourages those who come to us asking for guidance of fulfilling their duties as personal representatives to thoroughly understand the probate process, with the first item being whether or not the estate you are administering will even need it. 

Basics for creating HOA bylaws

Bylaws are an important part of any new association. Creating them requires insight, communication, research and tried-and-true methods. Creating bylaws can feel overwhelming for even the more experienced. Knowing the basics can help the process go smoother.

When can you evict?

Dealing with a troubling tenant can be a nightmare when you rent out residential properties in Saint Charles. Not only do you have to deal with the financial uncertainty that such a tenant's tendencies may cause from month-to-month, but then there is also the long-term impact that his or her actions (or inactions) may have on the property. You may already be beyond fed up with such antics and ready to evict, yet does the law allow that? While you might think that you are the one who determines under what circumstances you can force someone to leave your rental properties, the state actually affords tenants certain eviction protections. 

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