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Steps to take if tenants won’t vacate your property

As a landlord in Missouri, you may run into some complicated issues with your tenants. Failure to vacate your property is just one potential issue you could encounter and knowing how to handle this situation properly will offer the best chance of a successful outcome. offers advice in this case, which will allow you to mitigate the situation with a minimum of discomfort and financial loss.

Tenants Are Unable to Pay Rent

In some cases tenants may no longer be able to pay rent. Before you start the eviction process, it’s recommended that you make alternative attempts at obtaining the money owed (which will save you both time and money on legal costs). Once it’s been established that they’re in violation of the lease, you should provide a clear and concise written notice containing all the facts (such as the amount of money owed, the dates of non-payment, and any other pertinent information). Doing so will protect you in the event that a lawsuit is necessary.

Tenants Are Paying Rent But Refuse to Move

If you request that tenants vacate the property but they refuse (and continue to pay rent), the situation could become a bit trickier. Contact them immediately about the issue an attempt to work out a reasonable solution. Try offering tenancy on a month-to-month basis with the request that they actively begin pursuing another rental. You can also determine a reasonable date for them to vacate the property, which can help you plan things like cleanup or renovations for future tenants. No matter what, make sure the lines of communication remain open so all parties are fully aware of eexactly what is occuring.

You Run Out of Options

If the above steps are unsuccessful, eviction willbe necessary. In this case you’ll need to file an unlawful detainer eviction lawsuit, which requires providing the proper notices during the entire process (from the start of any tenant issues to actually serving the summons). While you can continue to attempt negotiations, a lawsuit will provide you with additional options to regain control of your property. However, be sure to remain calm and collected, as losing your cool could impact the court’s decision.

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