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July 2018 Archives

Missouri Supreme Court sides with landlord in rent dispute

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant in Saint Charles can be a delicate one. When everything is fine with the property that the two sides share an interest in, then the relationship may remain fine, too. Yet as soon as property arise, that association can be tested. The expectation of tenants may be that when there are issues with a property, the landlord should address them immediately. While that may seem reasonable, problems with a rental unit may not be sufficient cause for a tenant to stop paying rent. If and when a tenant does, then the landlord may just as easily justify its inaction. 

Steps to take if tenants won’t vacate your property

As a landlord in Missouri, you may run into some complicated issues with your tenants. Failure to vacate your property is just one potential issue you could encounter and knowing how to handle this situation properly will offer the best chance of a successful outcome. offers advice in this case, which will allow you to mitigate the situation with a minimum of discomfort and financial loss.

Act fast to collect overdue HOA fees

When a few homeowners aren’t paying their community association fees, everyone suffers the consequences. Collecting overdue fees is a dreaded task. But for the sake of the neighborhood, it is important to stay persistent.

What are the primary advantages of trusts?

If you currently reside in Missouri and are trying to figure out the best way to preserve your legacy for those you love most, you may be giving some thought to potentially establishing a trust. While many people do not fully understand trusts or exactly what they entail, they can prove to be an extremely worthwhile estate planning strategy that can help you hold on to more of your wealth for future generations.

What are your rights of entry in Missouri?

Like every rental property owner in St. Charles, you want to be viewed as a good landlord. That includes being respectful of your tenants' rights. At the same time, your tenants are occupying properties that you own (and ultimately, you have to manage and repair once they are gone). Thus, your desire to be able to enter your rental units to perform routine inspections is understandable. There are also may be times when you need immediate access to a certain area of a unit (such as a shared utility area), or where you suspect tenants may be engaged in illegal activity. The question then becomes with rights of entry do you have to occupied rental units? 

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