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June 2018 Archives

Estate planning after your divorce

Marriage and estate planning go hand-in-hand, as such an event is certainly something that will affect who you would want inheriting your assets in the event of your death. The same is true with divorce. Upon the dissolution of your marriage in Saint Charles, you might also decide that you do not want your former spouse benefitting from your estate. However, our team here at Stephen A. Martin Attorney at Law has met with countless clients whose family members or friends passed away without ever updating their wills following their divorces. Their questions are almost always the same: will the decedent's ex-spouse get everything? 

Why do many homeowners fight HOAs?

As a homeowners’ association representative, you know that you fight an uphill battle much of the time with the residents of your neighborhood. The goal of HOAs in Missouri and elsewhere is to preserve the value of homes and the integrity and respectability of the community. Homeowners appreciate when their neighborhoods are kept in good repair and each property looks immaculate. However, they often make it difficult for HOAs to do the jobs that give the desired results.

Withholding rent from a landlord

Most in Saint Charles may assume that in a typical landlord-tenant relationship, the landlord has the most power. The perceived resource discrepancy that many presume exists between both sides might contribute to this line of thinking. There may be a degree of truth in this notion; date shared by The New York Times shows that 90 percent of landlords have access to legal resources, while an equal precentage of rentersd do not. There are instances, however, where a tenant can sieze a degree of power in his or her relationship with a landlord. 

When should I update my will?

By now you probably know that writing a will as soon as possible is a good idea. Your will clarifies your wants and wishes to your loved ones when you are no longer around to tell them what they are. Having a working will is essential for every person as it will ease some of the pressure off your family when it comes time to decide what to do with your belongings and assets.

The three P's of guardianship

One element of estate planning that is often overlooked is selecting a guardian for your minor children. Ensuring that your children are raised by someone of your choosing should be one of the primary motivators for you to begin this process early in your adult life. Several people have come to our team here at Stephen A. Martin Attorney at Law asking for guidance when making this decision. However, exact advice on this topic may be difficult to provide. 

Duties and difficulties that HOAs face

In Missouri, HOAs - homeowner's associations - are put into place in neighborhoods of all types for various reasons. Not only do they have numerous duties to fulfill, but they also have certain struggles and potential issues that they will be tasked with combating should the need arise.

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