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April 2018 Archives

Grappling with a bad tenant

Most Missouri residents have heard at least one horror story relating to a dispute between a landlord and tenant. While there can be problems from both ends, few hear about the realities behind the scenes of renting out a property. Realizing that a tenant is not the right fit -- or, worse, has caused damage -- can be a frustrating discovery. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies one can turn to in these trying predicaments.

What is a living will?

Missouri residents like you who are dealing with an advance medical directive for the first time may not know how to handle it. Also known as a living will, these documents are vital to how you will help handle your loved one's final matters.

When HOA community standards create conflict

Should a member of a homeowners’ association be able to fly an American flag in his personal yard space? Like other states, Missouri law has rules that govern condominium associations. The law stipulates that an association may institute and amend such things for the organization such as bylaws, rules, and budgets.

Reasons why estate planning can make all the difference

Most Missouri residents could agree that estate planning is no walk in the park. Even the mere discussion of one's plans can create stress for some, depending on the situation. While it is natural for family members to express concern over the future of a loved one, what if no estate plan existed? In these cases, there could be many obstacles.

Understanding the process of intestate succession

Many in St. Charles have the hope that the assets they accumulate during their lives can eventually benefit their loved ones. Yet many of those same people fail to follow through on the simple step of designating where they want those assets to go. If one dies intestate (without a will), the state gets to the determine how his or her estate is dispersed. 

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