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March 2018 Archives

The pros and cons of becoming a landlord

Owning property is a perk in itself, but renting that property to tenants is an entirely different process. There are many pros and cons to becoming a first-time landlord; even those who have rented for decades can stumble upon tenant surprises. Missouri residents who are considering renting out a property may want to pause on some of the advantages and disadvantages of the role of a landlord. New landlords might wonder, how does the process tend to work, and what do the experts do in tricky situations? 

How will the new tax law affect estate planning?

With the recent passage of the new tax bill by congress, many individuals’ tax situations are in for a significant shakeup. In both the short- and long-term, sweeping regulatory changes are requiring some to take a deeper look into how they’re managing their money. One area of asset management in particular that’s experiencing some sizable tax adjustments is estate planning.

State and gun club at odds over use of land

One of the primary reasons landlords in St. Charles give for evicting tenants is because those tenants allowed the conditions of their properties to deteriorate. While avoiding causing damage to a property is typically a primary responsibility of a tenant, the landlord also bears some of the burden maintaining its current state. In fact, as a counter to claims that they let their rented or leased properties fall into disrepair, many renters will claim that their landlords allowed (or even contributed to) conditions becoming poor in order to justify an eviction. In such cases, only a review of the actions of both sides may determine whose claim is valid. 

How does an HOA benefit short-term owners?

A common problem that Florida HOAs have is convincing owners who buy homes for short-term gains to accept the long-term financial commitment that comes with belonging to an HOA. In other words, getting them agree to help fund long-term projects. For those who consider their home a short-term investment or even a short-term residence, the thinking may very well be: “Why should I have to pay for something that I do not plan to use?” It is a valid question, and one that HOAs need to be able to answer if they want to sway voting members.

When must I return a tenant’s security deposit?

Landlord-tenant laws in Missouri may not be that complicated, but they are particular about how you, as a landlord, do things. One of the keys to avoiding disputes is clear communication between both parties, according to the state Attorney General’s Office. Here is a quick refresher on some important points covered by these laws.

The benefits of homeowners' associations

There has long been a debate over homeowner associations and their benefits. Many Missouri homeowners express frustration over mandatory memberships; others laud these organizations for their protection and regulations. Whether it involves efforts to keep a community pool maintained or to ensure safety in the neighborhood, homeowners' associations can provide numerous benefits that can make life easier. 

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