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January 2018 Archives

The importance of discussing end-of-life wishes with loved ones

Starting a conversation with loved ones about your end-of-life wishes can be challenging and many people choose to avoid the topic altogether. But as we will explain in this post, discussing your hopes and concerns for end-of-life care with your loved ones is an important conversation to have.

Becoming a residential landlord

If you have been giving thought to purchasing a residential rental property in Missouri, you might at times feel overwhelmed at all you would need to know. The benefits of being a landlord include the financial gain you may experience and some flexibility in your schedule, especially if this could become your primary source of income. Some of your concerns, however, may weigh on you such as what you would need to do if a tenant failed to pay their rent.

Why are there homeowners’ associations?

If you google homeowner’s association, you will find controversy. It is a complicated set of tasks that they perform. But a properly run HOA is essential to balancing the interests of developers, residents, and the municipalities they are located in.

Non-payment of rent in Missouri

If you own or manage a residential rental property in Missouri you will certainly want to make sure you understand the laws that govern the payment of rent to you. When you and a tenant enter into a lease or rental agreement, you are agreeing to a legal contract. Perhaps one of the most basic terms of this contract is that the tenant will pay you a certain amount of money at certain specified dates in exchange for the right to live in your property. What happens when your tenant fails to do this?

Ways to address a tenant issue

When one hears of a bad rental experience, it is often on the side of the tenant's. Yet what many do not realize is the difficulty countless landlords in Missouri face when attempting to resolve tenant issues. When a tenant refuses to pay rent, vandalizes the property or is a nuisance to neighbors, landlords must step up to the plate. In the meantime, there are some pointers landlords can turn to in challenging times. 

Making an estate plan with young children

If you are the parent of one or more young children in Missouri, the thought of making an estate plan may feel out of reach and possibly even unnecessary for you. However, the reality is that your position as a parent makes estate planning extremely necessary and important.

Reviewing other grounds for eviction

As a landlord, you might have any number of problems with your tenant, some of which have been addressed on this blog (failing to pay rent on time, etc.). However, there are far more reasons why eviction may be on your mind or even important. If your tenant is not respecting the rental agreement and you are worried about your property or the financial impact of continuing to rent to this person, it is vital to know your rights. In Saint Charles, and all across Missouri, many landlords have found themselves in this tricky position.

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