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How does an HOA benefit short-term owners?

A common problem that Florida HOAs have is convincing owners who buy homes for short-term gains to accept the long-term financial commitment that comes with belonging to an HOA. In other words, getting them agree to help fund long-term projects. For those who consider their home a short-term investment or even a short-term residence, the thinking may very well be: “Why should I have to pay for something that I do not plan to use?” It is a valid question, and one that HOAs need to be able to answer if they want to sway voting members.

According to, there are several valid arguments to maintaining and even adding to reserve funds for these types of projects. Whether homeowners are short-term or long-term residents, they can benefit in a variety of ways.

When must I return a tenant’s security deposit?

Landlord-tenant laws in Missouri may not be that complicated, but they are particular about how you, as a landlord, do things. One of the keys to avoiding disputes is clear communication between both parties, according to the state Attorney General’s Office. Here is a quick refresher on some important points covered by these laws.

Security deposits

The benefits of homeowners' associations

There has long been a debate over homeowner associations and their benefits. Many Missouri homeowners express frustration over mandatory memberships; others laud these organizations for their protection and regulations. Whether it involves efforts to keep a community pool maintained or to ensure safety in the neighborhood, homeowners' associations can provide numerous benefits that can make life easier. 

One example of the many benefits these associations can offer is that of neighborhood watches. The National Neighborhood Watch shares information on homeowners' associations and their efforts to keep neighborhoods safe, noting their increasing popularity across the nation. The National Neighborhood Watch urges homeowners to review their memberships closely when moving to a new neighborhood; some communities can have conflicting views on homeowners' associations. One advantage of having collective support from a neighborhood watch and an HOA membership is that it is tax-exempt: HOAs may buy supplies or signs to promote safety in neighborhoods. Uniting NW and HOA can also bring a community together. For instance, if parents in the neighborhood are concerned about speeding, the HOA may have more power when combined with NW to build speed bumps. Regardless of the task, HOA memberships can carry out projects quickly and effectively. 

Common mistakes in estate planning

For some, estate planning can be a sensitive topic, and even one to avoid. After all, discussing such arrangements can make many Missouri residents uncomfortable, or unsure of where to turn for adequate advice. While it may be tempting to push estate planning to the wayside, establishing a plan early on can make the entire process a smoother one. 

Some families have discovered the inconveniences of avoiding estate planning the hard way, as CNBC shares in an article on wills and estate plans. Many financial advisors have debunked the common misconception that estate planning is strictly for the wealthy, instead claiming most Americans could benefit from such arrangements. According to CNBC, more than half of all Americans die without a will -- which is also the first and most basic step of estate planning. A lack of a will could make the financial process difficult for surviving family, including aspects involving living arrangements for minor children. In addition to a will, many Americans overlook the following:

  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Life insurance policies 
  • 401(k) plans    

Common problems landlords face

There are many joys that can come with renting out a home. Whether it is long-term or only for the summer, landlords generally find success and, not to mention, a little extra income each month. While the financial benefits are one aspect of this process, the tenants themselves can be an entirely different matter. What are some of the common issues Missouri landlords face when renting a property?

Last summer, CNBC News shared an article covering landlord basics and how to best prepare for the worst. Many new landlords mistakenly overlook aspects such as local zoning regulations, as well as homeowner association and insurance guidelines. The fine print to many of these regulations can include strict zoning laws and even special taxes on hosts and renters. Renters who decide to sublet without notifying a landlord could ultimately send trouble a landlord's way; circumstances generally apply to subletting and can depend on the state. CNBC adds that liability insurance is another crucial factor in the renting process.

Making your final wishes known

End of life is something none of us like to think about. Given our own choices in the matter, we all would probably put off anything related to death as long as possible.

If we do that, however, we’re simply passing on the decisions to our loved ones and increasing their pain at our passing. It also means that they may not know our wishes. An advance medical directive, sometimes known as a living will, is the best way to make your final wishes known and ease the burden on your family.

The benefits of hoa association memberships

In neighborhoods across the nation, homeowner associations allow for appropriate and organized management, protection over the value of properties and support when local issues arise. Some Missouri homeowners, however, are at odds with these associations and claim they are in violation of rights. While there exist many conflicting views on HOA programs, the pros of having such a membership can make the cons pale in comparison.

Many homeowners are wary about HOA memberships because of one simple reason: money. Realty Times points out that, despite the varying amounts of homeowner association fees, an HOA can provide protection in more ways than one might assume. First and foremost, an HOA oversees the general maintence of condos, including lawn care and trash removal. As for neighborhood homes, an HOA usually covers recreational spaces, pools and gyms. These amenities themselves are usually of no cost to the homeowner; instead, an HOA may cover gates and security, clubhouses and other common areas. Security is another must-have for any homeowner, and an HOA also protects property value.

When a homeowner fails to pay HOA dues

If you are one of the board members or perhaps a member of the management team for a homeowner's association in Missouri, you know that there are some people who may not be as willing as others to abide by the rules of the HOA. When and if this happens, you may be faced with deciding how to proceed. One of the issues commonly experienced is the failure to pay HOA dues.

As explained by The Washington Post, one concern you should have is with setting precedence. If the HOA fails to take prompt action against one homeowner for not paying association dues, then another homeowner may feel less bound by the responsibility knowing that there may be no consequences. However, while your HOA may be legally allowed at some point to place a lien on a property if dues remain unpaid, this may not be your first course of action.

The importance of discussing end-of-life wishes with loved ones

Starting a conversation with loved ones about your end-of-life wishes can be challenging and many people choose to avoid the topic altogether. But as we will explain in this post, discussing your hopes and concerns for end-of-life care with your loved ones is an important conversation to have.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to discuss end-of-life wishes with family members.

Becoming a residential landlord

If you have been giving thought to purchasing a residential rental property in Missouri, you might at times feel overwhelmed at all you would need to know. The benefits of being a landlord include the financial gain you may experience and some flexibility in your schedule, especially if this could become your primary source of income. Some of your concerns, however, may weigh on you such as what you would need to do if a tenant failed to pay their rent.

Forbes recommends that anyone considering renting a residential property educate themselves about local and state landlord and tenant laws. It is important to know what you can and cannot do so that you do not inadvertently violate a statute and end up costing yourself a lot of money and trouble in the end. Laws cover everything from how to evict a non-paying tenant to when or why you may enter the premises when a tenant is occupying it.

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