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How to make an estate plan for a blended family

It is no longer unusual for families in Missouri to include stepparents and stepchildren as more people look to get married again after a previous divorce or death of a spouse. While the new beginnings associated with a remarriage can be positive in many ways, they do also represent special concerns that make estate planning different for couples in a blended family than for those in a traditional nuclear family.

As Forbes explains, in a family where each spouse has their own children, there may be a natural urge to ensure that each person's biological children and even grandchildren ultimately obtain ownership of select assets after the spouses die. These assets may be important from a financial perspective or from a sentimental perspective. Either way, if these wishes are not properly documented in writing, there is no way to guarantee that they will actually be followed.

On landlord-tenants disputes and the rights of landlords

Imagine that an apartment is being rented out to a tenant, and after a few months, the tenant starts to complain about a variety of issues. These issues need to be dealt with, and so the landlord handles them. But this teaches the tenant that his or her complaints are always just, when in fact not every tenant complaint or grievance is.

In most cases, the general public will side with the tenant when a massive landlord-tenant dispute makes the news. It is just the way these things get portrayed. However, the landlord has rights and interests in these disputes too, and they aren't always the bad ones trying to neglect individuals living on their premises.

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