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St. Charles Noncompete Agreements Attorney

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor. You hope to find the right employees and build a thriving company. To that end you require new hires to enter a non-compete agreement — ensuring that your businesses proprietary information is unavailable to competitors.

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At the law office of Stephen A. Martin, Attorney at Law, located in Saint Charles, Missouri, we have more than 25 years of experience drafting, enforcing and litigating non-compete agreements.

Most employees have no intention of taking trade secrets, moving to another company, and putting you out of business. Many if not all, just want to work in their chosen fields. Is there a compromise that can be met when drafting non-compete agreements?

Careful drafting of non-compete agreements can help to eliminate confusion. A clear understanding between employer and employee, and contracts based on fair guidelines determined by the courts can reduce or even eliminate litigation when an employee moves to another company.

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Whether you own a business or you work for one, it is helpful to know that the courts have determined that non-compete agreements must be beneficial to each party. Though it is tempting to draft your own non-compete agreement, if you are unaware of the law, you could find your agreement nullified.

Similarly, if you are an employee, signing a non-compete agreement without fully understanding it could result in unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances.

If you are drafting or signing a non-compete agreement, you are well-advised to seek legal counsel so that your rights are protected. If you live in the Saint Charles area, contact Stephen A. Martin, Attorney at Law, for an initial consultation.

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